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Q. I've seen auction software priced from $300. to $10,000. or more! What is the difference and how do I make the right choice?
A. There's a lot of truth to the adage "you get what you pay for" although there are some packages out there that are overpriced. Be sure to get references and beware of "bargain-basement" software. Beyond Solutions' software is moderately priced.

Q. I'm concerned that I'll put my auction site up and I won't have enough customers. Do you offer marketing services?
A. Yes. Beyond Solutions can provide a complete turn-key solution to all of your business needs.

Q. I don't want to cut corners and risk a good business plan. Do you offer financing if I want the auction software, marketing services and basically the works? A. Yes. We can work with you to get you set up with an effective plan within your budget. If you need to we can split costs into low monthly payments.

Broadcast Live Auctions to Internet Users

Broadcast Picture

  • Allows bidding over the Internet
    Supports Video and Audio feeds
    Generates reports
    Many other useful features

Live and On-Demand Video

Live Picture

  • Site owner may broadcast audio/video from admin panel
  • Site owner can stream YouTube or similar video.
  • User may view live video and audio from client panel
  • User may view prerecorded video from client panel.
  • System also allows up to 7 static images.
  • (Contact your sales rep for more info on how it works)

Admin Auction Management Console

Admin Picture

  • Send messages to all users in real time
  • Stream live audio and video (as well as prerecorded)
  • Prepopulated messages such as 'Fair Warning' & 'Lot Sold'br>
  • Clerk can transmit bids on behalf of floor bidders.
  • Change bid increment on-the-fly during the auction.
  • Manage lot list and auction lots out of order if needed.

Customer Management

Customer Picture

  • View and edit customers
  • Ability to deactivate abusive customers
  • Add customers from Admin
  • Email customers
  • Lot Management allows you to:

Set Lot numbers

Set Picture

  • Set Lot Title & Description
  • Set Minimum Bid & Reserve Bid
  • Set Bid increment
  • Set Up to 7 images
  • Search by date or keywords

FAQ Management System

Faq Picture

  • Customers can ask questions and have them answered
  • Site owner receives and can respond to questions
  • Site owners can write their own questions and answers.
  • FAQ with current info appears on site automatically.


Report Picture

  • Bid history reports by lot
  • Link to client record from bid history
  • Generate user, bid and lot reports

Auction Catalog

Catalog Picture

  • Prebid on lots before auction starts.
  • View Start Date, High Bid and Status
  • Search for items of interest by keyword.
  • Lots automatically appear in catalog after entry.

Bulk Uploader

Bulk Picture

  • Allows you to upload multiple lots.
  • Uses Excel CSV file.

Custom Programming

Programming Picture

  • We can provide custom programming to help you get your improve your auction your auction. Do you have a unique idea? Allow us to help you implement it. We have a staff of talented programmers at your disposal! Ask your sales rep for further details.